Good to KnowWhy should your dog be on heartworm prevention?
Heartworms in dogs are easy to avoid, but difficult and expensive to cure. Heartworms are transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito carrying the heartworm larvae. Come in and ask our friendly staff how to prevent this disease with your dog.

Why is it important to manage your pet’s weight?
Diabetes, heart disease, and joint mobility are all factors of concern with an overweight dog or cat. Remember, an extra 3 pounds on a Boston Terrier is equal to an extra 30 pounds on a 150 pound person. 3 extra pounds on a 10 pound cat is equal to an extra 45 pounds on a 150 pound person.

According to Dr. Dickey’s opinion, what is the number one way to extend the quality of life for your pet?
Keep up good oral hygeine by scheduling a dental scaling and exam annually to prevent the spread of infection to other part’s of your pet’s body.

What is the most common diagnosis a veterinarian treats?
Allergies! In nine out of ten “itching cases” allergies will be a part of the diagnosis.