Meet Rocco, our patient of the month for April!

Rocco presented today for a medium sized tumor removal on the back of his head. His bloodwork had a few minor abnormalities but nothing to be worried about. After surgery Dr. Fugett decided to perform a quick scan of his abdomen with the ultrasound where 3 masses were discovered in Rocco’s spleen. The attached videos show the masses on ultrasound. After a quick call to Rocco’s parents everyone decided it was in his best interest to remove the spleen and tumors. Dr. Fugett performed a splenectomy this afternoon and Rocco is recovering comfortably and probably avoided a tragic situation as splenic tumors normally go undetected and can rupture in the abdomen.

Rocco is living proof that geriatric profiles are important! Our Geriatric workup package gives us the opportunity to get a very good “overall health” look and catch problems like this before it is too late.